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Numerology is known throughout the world as the science of numbers.

Numbers have long been a source of information and understanding about
people, and the world around them. This science has existed for over 2500 years.

Numerology can help free you of the bonds of your past and can enable you to take a more active role in determining your future.

Numerology can help to answer questions like:

   What am I here to achieve ?
   What will make me happy ?
   What are my natural gifts ?

Our names tell astonishing stories and reveal amazing experiences. They
uncover the unlimited possibilities of the romance of living, the drama of
being born, the thrill of a career, the inspiration of friendship and the potential of being useful to the end of your life. A life well lived.

Your name is an autobiography of your life, experiences that have passed and those that have yet to be realised. Your name reveals your talents and your skills, it provides direction and can be a valuable aid to finding your place in life.

Through Numerology I can help you to understand your life:

   Your strengths
   Your character
   Your potential

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Nanny A. van den Oever

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" I was a bit skeptical at first but when I received my chart I was astonished at how accurately it captured things about me and my life that Nanny could never have known. Her interpretation of the chart was very informative and her insights have provided excellent guidance for me."     Chris, Christchurch

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